Cologne is located directly on the Rhine river, only half an hour away from Bonn. It was founded by the Romans in 36 BC, and still has many relics dating from that time. Nowadays, Cologne is the 4th largest city in Germany with 1 million inhabitants.



Cologne CathedralCologne Cathedral here to read more!


  • it contains the Shrine of the Three Kings (German: “Dreikönigsschrein“), which is a reliquary said to contain the bones of the Biblical Magi, also known as the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men. The shrine is a large gilded and decorated triple sarcophagus placed above and behind the high altar of Cologne Cathedral. It is considered the high point of Mosan art and the largest reliquary in the western world. Because of its gothic cathedral, Cologne is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

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Cologne CathedralUniversity of Cologne

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  • is one of the most successful universities in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It was was founded on 21st May 1388 by Pope Urban VI, and was the fourth university in the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Today, findings of the Excellence Contest have confirmed the leading position of the so-called ABC region (Aachen, Bonn and Cologne) as a location for first-rate research.

  • around 45000 students enrolled.

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Cologne - The PhilharmonieCologne Culture
Cologne also is a major cultural center of the Rhineland with a vibrant arts scene, more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. Exhibitions range from local ancient Roman archeological sites to contemporary graphics and sculpture... click here to read more!

The Cologne Trade Fair hosts a number of trade shows such as Art Cologne, the International Furniture Fair (IMM) and the Photokina.

Cologne is also well-known for its celebration of Cologne Carnival, the annual reggae summerjam, and Cologne Gay Pride. In general there are many concert venues in Cologne. The huge Köln Arena in Deutz deserves a mention, as well as the large E-Werk and Palladium in Mülheim, the Live Music Hall in Ehrenfeld and the Prime Club near Barbarossaplatz.

Classical Music is mainly presented in the Link Kölner Philharmonie; artists from around the world perform here. Concerts are held nearly every day.

Museum LudwigMuseum Ludwig here to read more!


  • the city's main art museum.

  • shows art of the 20th century and presence e.g. Roy Lichtenstein's M-Maybe, Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes and George Segal's Restaurant Window. The works come from Peter and Irene Ludwig, who had put together the largest Pop Art collection outside of the USA.

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Romeo Germanic MuseumRömisch-Germanisches Museum
Romeo Germanic Museum here to read more!



  • right next door to the Museum Ludwig

  • here you can marvel at ancient artifacts and excavations

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SchokoladenmuseumSchokoladenmuseum here to read more!


  • a hi-tech temple to the art of chocolate-making

  • Exhibits on the origin of the 'elixir of the gods', as the Aztecs called it

  • cocoa-growing process is followed by a live-production factory tour and a stop at a chocolate fountain for a sample

  • Upstairs are departments on the cultural history of chocolate, advertising, and porcelain and other accessories. Stock up on your favourite flavours at the downstairs shop.

There is also an abundance of smaller museums and galleries throughout the city... Check it out by yourself!

Sightseeing SPORTS

1. FC KölnSoccer: 1. FC Köln

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  • German football club that plays in the German 1st league (1. Bundesliga)

  • formed in 1948 as a merger of the clubs Kölner Ballspiel-Club 1901 and SpVgg Sülz 07

  • club's nickname "Die Geißböcke" ("The Billy Goats") refers to the club's mascot, a male goat named Hennes after the veteran FC player and (later) manager Hennes Weisweiler

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Kölner HaieIce Hockey: Kölner Haie (Cologne Sharks) here to read more!


  • ice hockey club that plays in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga and is also based in Cologne

  • one of the founding members of the DEL

  • find out more when you go to a game and experience the incredible atmosphere in the stadium or visit the website of the Link Kölner Haie

Cologne is a very diverse and exciting city. You never know what you will discover during your visits. It is a very special place where you will meet German culture at its heart!


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