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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need answers after reading this page feel free to E-Mail contact us and our team would be glad to answer any additional questions!


Can I afford to study abroad?
  Yes! Numerous scholarships are available and federal loans, scholarships, and grants can be used to study abroad. Ask you study abroad advisor for more information.
If I am receiving financial aid can I study abroad?
  Yes, AIB students may use most forms of federal, state, and private financial aid or loans while studying abroad. Financial aid may be allocated to cover all “reasonable” costs for a study abroad trip. Generally, in order to receive financial aid a student must carry at least a half-time load at the foreign institution and receive transferable credit for the program toward his or her degree. Credit received on a study abroad program does not have to fulfill major requirements, but must be recognized as elective credits that advance the student toward a degree (i.e. language credits).
Do you have to be a language major to study abroad?
  No, students who study abroad can have any major. All domestic educational institutions require students to satisfy general education courses. By studying abroad students have the opportunity to continue to fulfill these requirements even at a foreign institution.
Do I have to speak a foreign language to study abroad with AIB?
  In almost every AIB program it is not required to speak a foreign language. In most programs we offer you a German Language & Culture class to make sure you know the „basics“.
Is my GPA high enough to study abroad?
  The minimum GPA requirement is a 3.0 for most programs.
Can I receive transferable credits while studying abroad?
  Of course! In order to receive transferable credits while abroad it is important to follow the AIB guidelines on Transfer Credits.
Will I graduate on time if I study abroad?
  By planning ahead carefully and consulting an academic advisor there is no reason why studying abroad will hinder a student from graduating on time. In fact, some students return from their programs ahead of their studies!
What level of college (year) must I complete before I can study abroad?
  Once you have completed one semester/quarter at your home institution and do not have any academic restrictions it is feasible to study abroad at any time.
Do I have to study abroad for a full year?
  No, programs offered by the AIB are structured for long and short term programs. For students who wish to avoid taking a semester or year off from their home institution the AIB provides three to six week long summer programs. Also there is the option of enrolling in semester programs. This option allows students more time to experience a foreign city such as Bonn.
Do I need a passport even if I’m only going for a month?
  Yes. Always bring a passport with you when traveling to a foreign country.
Should I keep my passport with me every place I go during my time abroad?
  No. Leave your passport and other important documents in a safe place at your host families house/at the student residence/at the AIB. However, you should carry a COPY of your passport at all times. That way, should you misplace your wallet or purse, you will not lose your most vital information.
Do I need a visa if I’m only going for a month? What about if I go for a semester?
  For summer programs you do not need a visa because the program duration is under 90 days in length. All semester, and year students are required to obtain a visa from the appropriate consulate or embassy before departure. We will assist you with the procedures.
What should I leave behind for my parents/emergency contacts?
  Leave your correct contact information, a copy of your airline tickets, a copy of your passport and visa (if applicable), and your AIB Program Director’s contact information.


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