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A plane and a globeNo matter the subject of study, today all students need a greater understanding of the world to help them formulate the role they will play and learn in what they do can impact the rest of the world. Studying abroad has subsequently become a fundamental element of contemporary education.


We at the AIB make it our mission to educate students and advance their skills to become independent, self-confident professionals ready to deal with this world’s idiosyncracies old and new.

We assist in developing individual talent and skills through creating a special framework that encourages artistic, social and cultural diversity. Our programs bring challenging academic, professional and cultural components together with European perspectives. The result is a truly international setting for learning and personal experience.

Only through merging academic, professional and cultural elements can we provide this unique learning experience that educates the student as a whole, evoking the importance of intercultural awareness. Our programs can be the first step to becoming a responsible citizen of the world – we consider this to be our contribution to world unity and peace.


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