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Downloads April 2016

alumniClaire Andreae

Before entering my 2014 study-abroad semester at the AIB in Bonn, Germany, I was leaning towards a career in documentary filmmaking, but was very uncertain if this was the path I should really take. During my time at the AIB, I was taking solely film classes related to editing, cinematography, and film production.... Read more!



Downloads AUGUST 2011

alumniBlake T. Smith

I'd like to thank the AIB for opening my eyes to architecture of an experimental and exploratory nature - for showing me how to break out of the proverbial "box". Without this experience, I may never have arrived at a true appreciation of everything that architecture can be, rather than what it often is (uninspiring).... Read more!



Downloads APRIL 2011

Kevin Clark - Assistant EditorKevin Clark

As a student and staff member of the AIB, I'm proud to say that my time spend abroad has been both an expanding and invaluable experience... Read more!




Downloads MARCH 2011

Bethany Weber - Dance Instructor and ChoreographerBethany Weber

My time with the AIB Study Abroad Program in Bonn, Germany was by far the most phenomenal experience of my life. I have made indescribable memories and some of the best friendships with people from all over the world, which I know will last a lifetime... Read more!



Downloads FEBRUARY 2011

Colin HanksColin Hanks

My Time at AIB was a monumental chapter of my young adult life. Before I had even left Germany, I had begun telling people that my decision to study abroad was “One of the the best decisions I have ever made"... Read more!




Downloads JANUARY 2011

Matt ZuvelaMatt Zuvela

It must be the Kölsch that has kept me coming back to Germany over the past five years. Apparently, it's quite influential, because I've lived here twice since my two semesters of study abroad as a junior at LMU... Read more!




Downloads DECEMBER 2010

Alison GeddieAlison Geddie

Music has always been in Allison Geddie’s blood. At twelve years old she was already sowing the seeds of what has grown into a love of composing and performing music... Read more!



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