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A group of AIB Study Abroad Program ParticipantsWelcome to the AIB (Academy for International Education)

We are delighted that your daughter or son is participating in or considering the programs at the AIB as part of her/his study abroad experience. These students are to be acclaimed for having an interest in developing a broader view of the world surrounding them and we applaud you for supporting them.


The Academy for International Education, centered in the heart of Europe, develops and implements innovative and vocational programs for the academic communities. We are a non-profit organization that firmly believes in higher education. Our mission is excellence in education and service. Our educational institute specializes in designing, developing and implementing individual and group specific programs, which provide new professional skills, international experience and intercultural awareness.

Our students are given support from specialists with experience, flexibility and creativity to create one of the most memorable experiences your student will ever participate in. The AIB recognizes that you want the guarentee that your student partakes in the best study abroad program available and it would like to present you and your student some things that are needed to know about us:

  • We offer an accompanied transfer from the Airport or Main Train Station to the AIB upon arrival.
  • Our students will have either host family or dorm accommodation throughout their stay with us.
  • The AIB works directly with its students to to fulfill all visa procedures and requirements
  • The members of our professional staff all have experiences with being abroad and are always available to contact.
  • Students will receive an extended public transportation pass that they will also be able to use in their leisure time.
  • The AIB features state-of-the-art facilities complete with a computer lab that students may use.
  • As with all other study abroad programs, the AIB has 24/7 emergency service that is available to you and your student.
  • The AIB offers courtesy cell-phone rentals complete with a deposit that will be returned to your student upon leaving the program.
  • When your student arrives they will receive intensive cultural and historical introduction and support.
  • Your student will partake in many cultural and intellectual excursions during the course of the program.


The AIB-TeamAs you work through your decision with your student of choosing the best study abroad program, we encourage you to E-Mail contact us with any questions you may have.

The Academy for International Education



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