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History Of Medicine - Biosciences
Texas A & M University

July - August



In recent years there has been an increase in the need for new skills and competences in the fields of biology and medicine. This includes the growing importance of globalization that requires increasing interdisciplinary education with an international background.

The AIB has designed this program to meet these requests by combining theory and practical experience in a wide range of topics. This will help to prepare students for multidisciplinary and international careers in biological and medical fields and clinical diagnostic laboratories.

Public opinion in the USA often considers the German health system as an exemplary model, which it is not. It is supposed to be considered as a folio or comparison to the American system and as an option within Europe. The aim of the program is not to offer pieces of advice and to sketch future opportunities, but to ask questions and to outline historical and social developments, which are supposed to help understand the working system. In this context the cultural units and the historical emphasis play an important role. The participants are supposed to get acquainted to Germany, its culture, and its people.

A preliminary schedule can be accessed via the links below.



  • VTPP 401: History of Human and Veterinary Medicine in Europe (4hrs)
  • VIBS 447: Neurophysiology of Music


This program is heavily freighted with field trips including many overnight excursions. These include visits to museums, medical and veterinary schools, hospitals, research institutions, and sites of general cultural and historical importance throughout Germany and neighboring EU countries.

In addition, great emphasis is also placed on bringing in European guest speakers, experts in the history of medicine in Europe, as well as authorities on the current state of the medical and veterinary medical professions in Europe.

Thus the program is designed to maximize the international impact on students interested in pursuing careers in human or veterinary medicine or in biomedical research.


Bonn Situated on the Rhine River, Bonn is the former capital of West Germany as well as the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. The city and its surroundings are rich in castles, medieval towns and natural beauty. Students can play fußball in one of Bonn’s several parks, explore the gardens of Poppelsdorfer Castle or walk, run or bike along the Rhine.

Bonn has developed into an international technology, business, research and NGO hub, and serves as corporate headquarters for T-Mobile, Deutsche Post, DHL and is home to the famous gummybear company HARIBO; houses several world-renown research centers; and is one of the world’s largest United Nations cities.

Bonn is centrally located in Western Europe allowing easy train travel to cities such as Paris and Amsterdam. The Bonn-Cologne airport is served by many low-cost airlines allowing students access to cities such as Venice, Budapest, London, Rome, Prague and Barcelona, among others.

Read more about Bonn!


In addition to the activities that focus on course content, cultural visits, guest speakers and excursions will be numerous. Major cities that will be visited in addition to Bonn will include, among others, Berlin, Cologne, Hannover as well as Vienna, Austria.


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Good Standing with TAMU and approval of professor

  • Have completed at least 55 hours by Summer
  • 3.0 GPR or higher and maintain undergraduate status through the program dates
  • Meet with Faculty leader before submitting application
  • Must attend ALL orientation meetings during the Fall semester.
  • Open to BIMS**, BMEN, GENE, BCHM, BIOL, CHEM, KINE & ANSC majors and other majors witih approval from faculty leader
**BIMS majors must have completed the Core Basic Knowledge (CBK) requirement by Summer, in addition to the other eligibility requirements


Funding is available in many forms. For information on fees & funding opportunities, please contact your study abroad office or the AIB program coordinator.


For all program-related questions please feel free to contact your AIB program coordinator:

VCard Helen Koch Program Coodinator, B.A.

Main Line Main Line: +49 (0) 228 - 33 88 39 - 20
Direct Line Direct Line: +49 (0) 228 - 33 88 39 - 39
Fax Fax: +49 (0) 228 - 180 10 57
E-Mail helen.koch@aib-studyabroad.org


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