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Engineering Loyola Marymount University
Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Fall Semester Program



The Bonn Engineering Program allows students to progress in their major and core curriculum courses in a country that is synonymous with scientific, mathematical and engineering achievement. Students will gain exposure to important technological work being carried out in Germany and the European Union while also experiencing and learning about the German lifestyle and culture. The study of German and European-specific modus operandi (e.g. by visiting German companies, and comparing U.S. and European operations) allows students to understand and increase their interest in the exciting scientific, mathematical, technological and artistic work being done in the European Union.

In particular, the program offers the opportunity to witness firsthand the commitment by German engineers and scientists to social and environmental responsibility by seeking solutions to problems such as a rapidly growing population, demographic and climate changes, declining resources, globalization, urbanization, and a growing concern for the environment. The students will also gain an understanding of the significant contributions that Germany and other European countries have made in engineering throughout history.

Classroom lectures will be complemented by field trips to selected industry partners and respective project sites. All courses are delivered in English.



  • PHYS 201 Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
  • ELEC 210 Electric Circuit Analysis
  • ENGR 200 Statics
  • MATH 245 Differential Equations
  • ENGR 198 German Language, Communication and Culture*

* This course counts towards the Communications/Critical Thinking core course required for Engineering students.


ENGR 200
Statics Resultants of force systems, free-body diagrams, equations of equilibrium and their applications, analysis of trusses, centroids and moments of inertia, shear and moment diagrams.

PHYS 201
Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism Electrostatics. Current, resistance, and D.C. circuits. Magnetism. Induced electromotive force. Electric and magnetic properties of matter. Maxwell’s equations. Laboratory experiments pertaining to electricity and magnetism. Coulomb’s Law, static electricity, electric field plotting, circuits, charge/mass ratio for electron.

ELEC 210
Electric Circuit Analysis Introduction to the principles of electric circuit analysis, DC, AC and magnetic circuits, transient and steady-state response of electric circuits; electric power; rotating machines; amplifier circuits.

MATH 245
Differential Equations Differential equations as mathematical models; analytical, qualitative, and numerical approaches to differential equations and systems of differential equations; and Laplace transform techniques.


BonnSituated on the Rhine River, Bonn is the former capital of West Germany as well as the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. The city and its surrounding area is filled with castles, medieval towns and natural beauty. Students can play fußball in one of Bonn’s several parks, explore the botanical gardens of Poppelsdorfer Castle or walk, run or bike along the Rhine.

Bonn is also an international technology hub, and is the corporate headquarters to T-Mobile and Deutsche Post; the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft & Raumfahrtechnik, the German space agency, is also nearby. Bonn is centrally located in Western Europe allowing for easy train travel to cities such as Paris and Amsterdam. Also, the Cologne-Bonn airport is served by many low-cost airlines allowing for travel on a long weekend to cities like Venice, Budapest, London, Prague, Barcelona and other European locations.

Read more about Bonn!


Excursions of cultural and historical interest complement the academic program. The excursions will involve visits to other major cities in Germany and Europe, such as Berlin, Dresden, Amsterdam and Paris. Additionally scheduled activities may include a boat cruise on the Rhine River with all its scenic castles, a rooftop tour of Cologne Cathedral, and visits to assorted historical, cultural and arts museums.


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