Landscape Architecture Semester Programm (Open Enrollment)

Spring and Fall Semester


The Program

The new AIB Landscape Architecture Semester Program is designed to provide US universities with a quality study abroad opportunity for individual or small cohorts of landscape architecture students seeking to spend a semester abroad. Building on the AIB’s long experience in Landscape Architecture and Sustainability Programs, its philosophy is:

  • to create a diverse and enriching international educational experience
  • familiarize students with historic and contemporary approaches to landscape architecture in Germany and Europe, emphasizing in particular the notion of sustainability within contemporary landscape design
  • to expose students to innovative and creative instructors and international professionals from the field of landscape architecture
  • provide hands-on and experiental learning opportunities through project work, international workshops and study tours
  • give students the opportunity for in-depth immersion into the host culture through homestays, German Language & Culture instruction and culturally-oriented study trips



The academic program encompasses 12 -15 credits and places the intensive work in a contemporary urban design studio course at its core. Here, AIB instructors present students with current urban design challenges in Bonn and Bonn’s surrounding communities (including the city of Cologne) and engage students in developing innovative design solutions based on studies of the project’s cultural, historic and socio-economic background. Guest experts, workshops and field trips compliment the design project. Additional courses address landscape architecture (and related) topics from a distinctly European/German prespective in order to enahance and broaden the students’ perspective on their area of expertise. The academic program is rounded off by a German Language & Culture class, that stresses practical, communicative language skills and cultural studies. In addition to the mandated 12 credit course schedule, participants can opt to enrol in an additional 3 credit course.


Study Tours

A vital component of the academic program are course-integrated study tours. These include historic and contemporary parks, modern urban design solutions, representations of sustainable approaches to landscape architecture and also destinations that improve the students’ understanding of German and European history and culture.


Homestay & Cultural Immersion

AIB places great emphasis on immersing students into their host culture. This is done through placement in homestays, a mandatory German Language & Culture course and various extracurricular activities offered over the course of the program.


Program Parameters

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning Students from US colleges and universities in junior or senior standing

What are the prerequisites?

Landscape Architecture Major GPA of 2.5 or higher at least junior standing good academic standing at the home institution

What courses are offered?

Taken by all Participants
  1. Landscape Architecture Design Studio (6 credits)
  2. Field Studies in Design Philosophy (3 credits)
  3. German Language & Culture (3 credits)
Additional Course Options
  1. Modern European Art History (3 credits)
  2. The History of Europe after 1945 (3 credits)
  3. Ethics | Media Ethics (3 credits)
  4. Introduction to Photography (3 credits)

Additional course options are offered depending on enrollment.
A maximum of 15 credits/semester is recommended.
Course descriptions available upon request.

Are there course-integrated study tours and field trips?

Yes. Included on the program are two extended course-integrated study tours:
3-day bonding weekend at the beginning of the program
to a regional destination such as a romantic Rhine river village or the Eifel region
4-day Berlin study tour e.g.:
Potsdamer Platz, Tempelhof Airfield, Schöneberger Südgelände
4-day Paris study tour e.g.:
Parc de la Villette, Parc Buttes-Chaumont, Proménade Plantée
Field Trips
In addition, there are multiple course-integrated day trips within the larger Bonn area. e.g.:
Emscher Park/Landschaftspark Nord, Benrath Palace, Düsseldorf with Museum for European Garden History
Contemporary Landscape Architecture & Urban Designs in the wider Bonn/Cologne area

Who is teaching the courses?

AIB Faculty: Professionals from the field of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning with academic teaching experience in an international context

How are students housed?

1. Homestay
Students stay in a furnished room in one of the carefully selected and screened AIB host families
Option A: Traditional Homestay, incl. 2 meals/day
Option B: Independent Homestay with Food Stipend
2. AIB Dormitory
Common kitchen. Food stipend, Not catered

How are credits transferred?

After completion of the program, AIB issues a final grade report for each student as the official record of the student’s results obtained in the courses, which the US home university accepts for direct credit transfer. AIB applies the US-American system of letter grades (A-F) on a 4.0 scale.
How do students apply?
By submitting an application and the required supporting paperwork to the AIB.
1. AIB application form, including personal essay 2. AIB accommodation form 3. Two letters of recommendation by instructors 4. College/university transcript (student copy accepted) 5. $500,- non-refundable deposit (through pay pal or by check)

What is the application deadline?

Fall Semester: April 1
Spring Semester: October 1

What is included in the Program?

  • Tuition fee for 12 credits
  • Pre-departure information materials
  • Airport Transfers on designated Arrival/Departure Dates
  • Housing in host family/dormitory
  • Two meals per day in host family; food stipend in independent homestay/dormitory
  • City of Bonn public transportation pass
  • Two course-integrated study tours
  • Multiple course-integrated day trips
  • Use of AIB facilities
  • AIB grade report
  • Residence permit , administered by AIB
  • Cultural and social events organized by AIB
  • Program administration and services
  • 24-hour emergency support

What is not included in the Program?

  • Tuition Fee for additional credits
  • Airfare
  • Passport Fees
  • Personal expenses

Spring Semester Dates

January - May
(preliminary & subject to change)

Fall Semester Dates

August - December
(preliminary & subject to change)


For any other program-related questions please feel free to contact your AIB program coordinator:

VCard Ture Petersenn Program Director, M.A.

Main Line Main Line: +49 (0) 228 - 33 88 39 - 10
Direct Line Direct Line: +49 (0) 228 - 33 88 39 - 12
Fax Fax: +49 (0) 228 - 242 02 37




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