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Spring and Fall Semester Program

Germany, in the heart of the European Union, provides a panoramic view of the newly emerging alliance of nations and economies that have emerged since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. From our base in the Rhine Valley city of Bonn, LMU students will travel westward to Paris, Brussels and Bruges (Fall) / Barcelona and Madrid (Spring) and eastward to Berlin and Dresden. The curriculum allows for a wide range of study, including core courses, as well as upper division studies in liberal arts and business. Classes are held at the Akademie für International Bildung (Academy for International Education) located adjacent to the University of Bonn and overlooking the Rhine.

LMU students of all majors are eligible to apply. All courses are taught in English. A German language and culture course is required of all students to provide increased knowledge of the German language and enable students to communicate effectively during their stay. Along with LMU professors, visiting professors from universities throughout Germany will also teach courses with a strong foundation in international issues. Guest speakers, practical case studies, and course-related site visits throughout Europe will enhance the learning experience. The course selection in this program is designed to meet curriculum requirements and upper division requirements. Credits/units are recorded directly on Loyola Marymount University transcripts and are completely transferable to other institutions.

Because of Germany’s central location, students can easily travel throughout Europe with ease. The New Europe Program includes several excursions, so there is no planning needed by students. These excursions include for example a week-long visit westward to Paris, famous for its elegant shops and cafés, not to mention its romantic allure and explosion of historical art and its signature Eiffel Tower. Also included on this trip is the exploration of the medieval city of Bruges as well as Brussels, the capital of Belgium as well as the European Union. A second week-long trip to Berlin and Dresden is incorporated to explore the vast German history in its recently reclaimed dynamic and cosmopolitan capital. Depending upon student interest, alternative excursions may be arrange to Spain (Spring). There are several one-day excursions to Frankfurt, Cologne, Brühl, Aachen, Mainz and others as well, that take place throughout the program. Of course there is plenty of time for students to travel on their own to destinations of their liking.



For all program-related questions please feel free to contact your AIB program coordinators:

VCard Helen Koch Program Coodinator, B.A.

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