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SABINA - Summer Academy Bonn International



GERM 101 : Beginning German I
Elementary language study with oral, written and reading practice. Preparation for conversation. Part of class preparation will be done in language laboratory.

GERM 102 : Beginning German II
Continuation of GERM 101. Part of class preparation will be done in language laboratory. Prerequisite: GERM 101 with a grade C or better.

GERM 201 : Intermediate German I
Readings of average difficulty. Review of grammar; practice in conversation composition. Prerequisite: GERM 102 with a grade C or better.

GERM 202 : Intermediate German II
Continuation of GERM 201 with more advanced material. Some literary selections included in class readings. Prerequisite: GERM 201 with a grade C or better.

GERM 301
The course concentrates on intensive practice in spoken German through guided conversations and discussions of contemporary topics as reflected in newspapers, magazines, TV shows and internet sites.

GERM 302
The course builds on GERM 301, German Conversation and Composition I. The course also addresses and reviews grammar topics as necessary and mainly in support of the the learner's ability to converse and understand texts and articles.

GERM 305
German Literary Expression Readings of selected drama, poetry and prose works to introduce students to important works of German literature; attend several theater, opera and/or musical performances in German; problems involved defining dramatic, lyric, and epic genres considered, and attention given to the structural and aesthetic elements of literary works; conducted in German. Prerequisite: GERM 202 or equivalent.

GERM 316
Advanced German for Professional Fields Continuation of GERM 203; reading and oral practice of German pertinent to different professional areas, including business, engineering, non profit management and international commerce. Prerequisite: GERM 202 or 203.

GERM 321/GERM 322
German Culture and Civilization: From the teutonic Tribes to the Enlightenment (3 hrs). German Culture and Civilization: From the Rise of Nationalism to the Present ( 3 hrs). This course is offered by Professor Stefanie Harris, Texas A&M University. For more details please visit Texas A&M University Study Abroad Programs Office. Please note: Enrollment is possible only through Texas A&M.


Film Studies European Film and Film Production
This course covers the basics of film analysis: e.g. how do movies transport meaning, the special function of this narrative and communicate media. Also there will be a 3-day introductory workshop where students learn basic cinematography, editing sound recording and pre-production planning in the course of short film productions.

German Soundscapes: Exploring Western Music History At Its Source
This course interweaves contemporary music and classical masterpieces since many important artist like Beethoven, Brahms or Schumann have lived and worked in Bonn. The course objective is to study western art music and give an overview of the development and different traditions in music from the Middle Ages until today. The students will benefit from detailed case studies and many performances and concerts in our region which enrich the schedule of this course. Prerequisite to participate is the ability to read music.

History of Technology
The purpose of this course is to aquire an understanding of the nature, development, role and significance of technology as a dynamic element in human society. The main focus of this course will be the social history of technology which represents a vast area of study.

Religious Studies
This course gives a brief overview of general ideas of Christianity and will cover early Christian groups and shisms in the 11th and 13th century as well as the Renaissance and Italien Humanism. Then the course will emphasize on Martin Luther, the Reformation process and the resulting division of the church in Europe. Deriving from that the course looks at the Ecumenical movement of the 19th and 20th century and the general status of the Christian churches in Western Europe today.

Transcripts are issued by the AIB.


Internships are a very valuable, praxis oriented way of learning. They offer a great opportunity to make new experiences. Internships are furthermore a great addition to every resumé. The AIB offers various formats for internships... read more!

In connection with the summer programs, AIB offers the possibility to take an intensive language course (consisting of 2 language classes) before starting an internship for 6 - 8 weeks. The language course will guarantee that the student is capable of the basic German language skills that are needed to successfully master an internship.

A possible format for the internship program might be:

  • 5 weeks of language courses (2 classes)
  • One week excursion at the end of the first part of the program
  • 6 - 8 weeks of internship
  • It is possible to take a so called "internship class" while doing the internship

The cost and fees for the internship are calculated based on the individual composition of each internship program. Please do not hesitate to ask us for individual calculations.


ExcursionsLearning about Germany and the German language „hands-on“ is one of the program's main objectives. Therefore, the program includes many excursions and outings that allow for exciting and diverse cultural experiences... read more!


Day long excursions in this program include:

  • Cologne, where you will see and walk on top of the world-famous cathedral and learn everything you need to know about Karneval and Cologne's unique local culture
  • A Rhine cruise, that takes you down the Rhine river through the „Upper Middle Rhine Valley“, a UNESCO world heritage. We will visit a medieval castle, explore a romantic town on the Rhine and take a lift up to the top of a famous viewpoint ove the Rhine
  • A trip to Trier, Germany's oldest city, where you will walk through underground tunnels in a roman bath an visit an intact Roman amphitheater
  • A trip to the beautiful Eifel region, with its Maria Laach monastery and the romantic town of Monreal
  • A bike tour up the Rhine to Remagen, site of the famous WWII Remagen bridge
  • A hike up the so-called „Dragon's rock“ (Drachenfels) overlooking Bonn


Included in the progam fee is the long final excursion to eastern Germany. We will travel by bus, visiting major German cities and cultural sights, such as:

  • Eisenach, with the Bach House and the famous Wartburg castle
  • Erfurt, with its well-preserved old town
  • Dresden, the „Florence on the river Elbe“, with its unique Baroque buidings, the famous „Frauenkirche“ and opera
  • Berlin, Germany's capital and cultural center. We explore at the history of the divided Berlin, see the Brandenburg Gate, remnants of the wall and the former death strip, visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, take a look a the multicultural Berlin and enjoy the city's unparalleled cultural attractions
  • The former concentration camp Buchenwald
  • Weimar (Goethe Haus)
  • Potsdam

Deadline HOUSING

Students in the SABINA programs will be living with one of our host families... read more!


To make the most of your stay in Germany, you will be living with one of our carefully selected host families. This offers the unique possibility to fully immerse oneself in the German culture, make friends and meet people outside of the program.

The AIB housing manager selects host families only after a thorough screening process. She makes personal visits to the families to ensure that accommodations meet our standards and regularly checks in with them throughout the program duration.

All host families provide students with a single room or more and open the rest of the house to them. Host families live in close proximity to public transportation, so the student can easily reach the AIB. Students in host families receive breakfast and one other meal per day.

Here you can find out more about the host families:

check AIB Housing Information
check Housing Video


Student LifeStudents have access to the Internet and computer facilities at the AIB and at the student residence free of charge. In addition, the AIB is equipped with WiFi for your own laptop.

Most AIB host families have internet access in their homes (AIB does not guarantee internet access at host families)... read more!

The program includes many activities in and around Bonn, such as:

an orientation tour with practical tips
a sightseeing tour of Bonn
guided tours of museums, such as the post-war German history museum in Bonn
visit to significant sites, such as the cologne cathedral, company visits, etc.

Typical cultural activities may include:

  • a concert or an evening at a theater
  • a boat trip on the Rhine
  • a welcome party and farewell picnic and 
  • social activities with families and other summer school students

Students can engage in many spare time activities in and around Bonn, such as:

  • hiking, jogging or cycling along the Rhine or in the surrounding area of Bonn
  • exhibits and concerts in Bonn and Cologne
  • shopping in Bonn or Cologne
  • fun activities like the chocolate museum in Cologne, the Haribo outlet in Bonn or the Phantasia amusement park ... and much more

AIB provides students with a local public transportation pass for the duration of the program. This pass can be used on all local subways and busses and ensures free transportation between the host family and the AIB.

Each student can borrow a cell phone from the AIB for usage throughout the program.



Fees are calculated based on the following composition:

Program Fee + Tuition Fee - Application Fee (paid in advance)

Read more about the Program Fees... click here!

Application Fee
(summer 2016): $ 350.00

This fee will be taken into account for the basic program fee after participation. The basic program fee covers:

  • Housing in host families or in shared apartments (a $250.00 damage deposit is required in addition to the program fee)
  • Two meals per day at the host family or meal allowance to subsidize breakfast and one other meal
  • Cultural activities
  • Computer facilities
  • Bonn area puplic transportation pass
  • Services of Resident Director and support
  • Program information materials
  • Cell phone (a deposit is required)
  • Visa procedures upon request
  • Long excursion to east Germany and Berlin at the end of the program

Not included:

  • Optional additional housing (6 weeks): $ 1,300.00 extra
  • Airfare from / to US
  • Passport fees
  • Insurance etc.
  • Personal spending money

Program Fee (Summer 2016): $ 3,100.00
Tuition Fee language class (Summer 2016): $ 990.00
Tuition Fee all other classes (Summer 2016): $ 990.00

SABINA + 6 Week Internship
Additional Program Fee (housing, administration, etc.): $ 1,690.00
Additional Tuition Fee language class (Summer 2016): $ 770.00



SABINA Track 1 (includes 2 language classes):

Program fee: $ 3,100.00   (prepaid Application Fee included)
Tuition fee: $ 990.00   (language class 1)
  $ 990.00   (language class 2)
Total: $ 5,080.00    

SABINA Track 2 (includes 1 language class & 1 other class):

Program fee: $ 3,100.00   (prepaid Application Fee included)
Tuition fee: $ 990.00   (language class)
  $ 990.00   (other class)
Total: $ 5,080.00    


For any other program-related questions please feel free to contact your AIB program coordinators:

VCard Fenja Wittneven-Welter
Program Coordinator / German Language Instructor / Internship Administrator

Main Line Main Line: +49 (0) 228 - 33 88 39 - 10
Direct Line Direct Line: +49 (0) 228 - 33 88 39 - 15
Fax Fax: +49 (0) 228 - 242 02 37

E-Mail wittneven@aib-studyabroad.org


VCard Susanne Jansen
Internship Coordinator / German Language Instructor

Main Line Main Line: +49 (0) 228 - 33 88 39 - 10
Fax Fax: +49 (0) 228 - 242 02 37
E-Mail jansen@aib-studyabroad.org



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