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The Loyola Marymount University Theatre Program is directed at students with a major or a minor in Theatre Arts. Located in Bonn, with a two-week stay at the renowned Moscow Art Theatre's acting school and an excursion to Berlin, this program emphasizes practical experience. The director of the program is Professor Diane Benedict.

The semester is organized in two parts. The first half is set up as a conservatory style program. Working with international professors, you will immerse yourself in the different approaches to acting.

In another class, you will learn about Brechtian theatre, and practice your abilities in this rather different school of acting. A movement workshop, as well as courses in directing or, for example, voice development are part of the schedule. Practical courses are complemented by a class in European theatre history. But even this class is not all theory - it includes attendance of five to eight theatre and dance performances at major playhouses in the Bonn/Cologne region.

The second half of the semester is dedicated to the students' own performance. In a process called devised theatre, you - together with LMU and AIB professors - are going to write, rehearse, and produce a play. Reflection on the experience of being a foreigner in a foreign country has informed the performances, "A Line of Difference" (2006), "Conference of the Birds" (2007), "What is to be done?" (2009), "Strider" (2011), "Motherroad" (2013) and "On Borrowed Time" (2015). All performances were shown at different public playhouses, including the municipal theatre and the "Theater im Ballsaal" in Bonn, the MXAT in Moscow, and the Theater Museum in Duesseldorf.

What is to be done?The performances received raving reviews in the German media (please contact us for English translations of all articles):

Kultur-In-Bonn (1/5/2011)

Bonn Campus Radio (1/5/2011)

Campus Web (5/7/2009)

Kultur in Bonn (4/30/2009)


For further information you may contact Professor Benedict at:





European Studies
Select one:

  • EURO 181 / 182 - Elementary German I or II
  • EURO 283 - Intermediate German

Theatre Arts Studies:

  • THEA 250 / THEA 450 - Theatre Practicum: Crew
  • THEA 251 / THEA 451 - Theatre Performance Practicum: Acting
  • THEA 370 - Directing for the Stage
  • THEA 398 - European Acting Techniques I: Stanislavski Method
  • THEA 398 - European Acting Techniques II: Brechtian Epic Method
  • THEA 430 - European Theatre History
  • THEA 490 - Senior Thesis


Moscow Art Theater School This Study Abroad Program is in association with the
Moscow Art Theater School



The Theater Arts Program offers a combination of courses which focus on theater in the European context ‐ in particular, the acting styles of Stanislavski and Brecht, and the more conceptual deconstructionalist post-modern European design styles. This is a semester program open to all Theater majors and minors, or other majors with sufficient experience in the Theatre Arts, with varying emphasis either in performance, technical/production, or design.

Taught by European Theater experts and LMU faculty in the LMU tradition, Theater Art students will benefit from a more conservatory-style course format, which includes in-depth theoretical and intense practical approaches to Stanislavski and Brechtian Theater techniques. The course will culminate in a final professional performance.

Core courses are offered and are suitable for Sophomore to Senior level. Excursions, field studies and workshop modules will supplement the academic program. Students will be able to earn 15-18 units of coursework. All students will participate in a 0-3-unit German Language and Culture class that will help students gain an understanding of this diverse society.


Bonn Situated on the Rhine River, Bonn is the former capital of West Germany as well as the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. The city and its surrounding are rich in castles, medieval towns and natural beauty. Students can play fußball in one of Bonn’s several parks, explore the gardens of Poppelsdorfer Castle or walk, run or bike along the Rhine.


Bonn has developed into an international technology, business, research and NGO hub, and serves as corporate headquarters for T-Mobile and Deutsche Post; houses several world-renown research centers; and is one of the world's largest United Nations cities.Bonn is centrally located in Western Europe allowing easy train travel to cities such as Paris and Amsterdam. The Bonn-Cologne airport is served by many low-cost airlines allowing students access to cities such as Venice, Budapest, London, Rome, Prague and Barcelona, among others.

Read more about Bonn!


In addition to the activities that focus on course content, cultural visits, guest speakers and excursions will be numerous. Major cities that will be visited in addition to Bonn will include but not be limited to:

  • Moscow
    Theater students will study with master acting teachers at the acclaimed Moscow Art Theater School, home of Stanislavski and Anton Chekhov. They will attend performances at the Moscow Art Theater and other local Moscow theaters, which may include the Bolshoi and Taganka. While in Moscow, Theater students will enjoy local excursions and tours around Moscow, such as to the Red Square, the Kremlin, and Lenin’s tomb.

  • Berlin
    The program offers a five day trip to Berlin. In Berlin students will explore this recently reclaimed cosmopolitan city with its vast German history. Students will visit the site of a former concentration camp, the new Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, and attend a theatrical performance at Bertold Brecht’s Berliner Ensemble.


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  • Open to all majors with a min. GPR of 2.0
  • Good standing with LMU and approval of professor
  • Students must attend all Study Abroad meetings


Funding is available in many forms. For information on fees & funding opportunities, please contact your study abroad office.


For any other program-related questions please feel free to contact your AIB program coordinator:

VCard Helen Koch Program Coodinator, B.A.

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